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Office Cleaning Service


Gleam Team provides a Professional Office Cleaning Service that is bespoke to your specific Business requirements. We understand that all Offices are different sizes and work different times of the day and night. Let gleam team give you a tailored quote to suit your requirements that can be changed on a week by week basis to suit your needs.

The benefits of using Gleam Team include:

  • Flexibility and control over your Contract Cleaning Service.
  • Control over the areas to be professionally cleaned.
  • Flexibility with the duration and frequency of cleans.
  • No Staff recruitment, employment, holidays or insurance issues.
  • All Cleaning supplies provided.
  • Understand and address your cleaning needs.
  • Allows budget control and forecasting.
  • Low cost flexible contracts to suit your Budget

Gleam Team aim is to work with you and your Company to achieve the best results by offering our quality regular contracted services on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Cleaning hours can be from upwards of only 1 hour per visit.


With a wide choice of cleaning services Gleam Team offers specialised office cleaning designed to meet your exact requirements, whether you’re in need of a new office cleaning company or a cleaning company for your commercial business Gleam Team promises do it all to our award winning standard, every time!

Contact Details

Gleam Team LTD

56 St.Neots Road
Harold Hill

T: 07783 441574
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